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Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc. Headquartered in Las Vegas, SVE is a publicly traded Nevada corporation focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content and the medical marijuana industry. SVE is generating a wide variety of Intellectual Properties and technologies for the many existing and emerging content distribution platforms and is aggressively pursuing licensing in Puerto Rico for the legal cultivation, manufacturing, and transportation of cannabis products, and for our state of the art medical cannabis manufacturing facility.
StereoVision Entertainment, Inc.
Board of Directors & Officers
   Eric Honour
   Herky Williams
   Andres Romero
   Chris Bennett
   Steven Previch
   Jack Honour

Executive Producers
   "Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem"
   "Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem" Promo
       Jack Honour
       Mark Lichtman
   "Secrets of the Lost San Sabas"
       Eric Honour
       Herky Williams
   "Aubrey Blaze Gates of Hell"
       Jack Honour
       Andres Romero
   "Gonzos 3 Double D"
       Steve Previch
       Michael Berk
   "Kung Fu U"
       Jack Honour
       Steve Previch
   "Underwater Wonderland"
       Mark Bentley
       Eric Honour

Public Relations
Professional Representation & Services
   Stock Transfer Agent
Company & Management Credits

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SVE Film Library

"Paper Dragons" IMDB 1996

"Lord Protector The Dark Mist" IMDB 1996

"Lancelot Guardian of Time" IMDB 1997

"Killers" IMDB 1997

"Joseph's Gift" IMDB 1998

"Angel on Abbey Street" IMDB 1999

"The Convent" IMDB 2000

"The Blue Light" IMDB 2004

"Love is the Drug" IMDB 2006

"Dark Honeymoon" IMDB 2008

"The Gold Retrievers" IMDB 2009

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